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The Best Way To Configure SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin

SEO By Yoast

Recently I figured out that my blog posts are not being indexed. To be more precisely, the content of the blog posts was not being indexed by Google. In fact, the content from categories, archives etc. was being showed up in the search results. This was frustrating for me. Since I was using SEO by Yoast plugin on my wordpress blog, so I tried to figure out what is the issue with blog. I knew that the blog isn’t penalized or deindexed or something. It is my blog and I know about. It was just that I messed up the settings. SEO by Yoast plugin is exceptionally good for SEO as long as you are using it the right way otherwise it can mess up your site/blog without you knowing… Read More

Article Marketing Goldrush Review: Your Own Article Directory

article marketing goldrush review

If you want to make money from internet, Article Marketing Goldrush is a good course for you especially if you are interested in starting your own article directory where people will submit articles for you. How good Article Marketing Goldrush is and how much money you can actually make from your own article directory? All this and much more will follow in this Article Marketing Goldrush review. Article Marketing Goldrush Review: The Course Article Marketing Goldrush is a training course that will teach you as to how you can create your own article directory from scratch. The course comes with videos, blueprint and a few great bonuses. You will get a FREE article directory software, you will install it, monetize it, and then you will learn how you have to… Read More

Video Traffic Academy Review: Video Marketing Made Easy

video traffic academy review

Video Traffic Academy is a video marketing course developed by James Wedmore and assisted by Lewis Howes. It is a complete video marketing course that has everything that a marketer or an entrepreneur needs. Video Traffic Academy Review: About the Course Video Traffic Academy comes with 5 modules and 7 GREAT bonuses. The modules are highly informative and are filled with quality content. All the modules are step-by-step and follow a sequence so you will not going to find it hard to get hold of the things. Video Traffic Academy Review: The Modules Here is a brief overview of the modules of Video Traffic Academy. The first module covers the basics of the video marketing and video traffic. It has everything you need to know about video marketing, keyword research… Read More

Internet Entrepreneurs Club Review: Scam or Legit

internet entrepreneurs club review

Internet Entrepreneurs Club is a membership site founded by Chris Luck. I guess you know who Chris Luck is? Well he is a pretty famous and a successful internet marketer who has been in internet marketing for over a decade now. Internet Entrepreneurs Club is all about providing internet marketers with all the resources they need at a single place. More about Internet Entrepreneurs Club coming soon in this honest Internet Entrepreneurs Club review. Internet Entrepreneurs Club Review: Overview Internet Entrepreneurs Club is a membership site with a lot of features and useful resources. Since it is a membership site, so you have to pay monthly (or quarterly) fee. When it comes to the features and resources that Internet Entrepreneurs Club provides its members with, the list is limited but… Read More

Auto Mass Traffic Review: Legit or Scam

auto mass traffic review

Auto Mass Traffic is a traffic generation formula that has the ability to generate traffic for you on autopilot. The traffic that will be generated by Auto Mass Traffic is highly targeted. Does Auto Mass Traffic really work? Does Auto Mass Traffic really generate extremely targeted traffic to your site/blog/affiliate offer? Read this Auto Mass Traffic review for more details. Auto Mass Traffic Review: Overview Auto Mass Traffic is basically a traffic generation course or I must say an ebook. The ebook is really informative and it contains a lot of information about CPV advertisement. You will learn following things: Overview of CPV How to setup successful CPV campaigns Using competitor spy software Testing, adjusting and repeating So Auto Mass Traffic is about CPV ads and interestingly you will learn… Read More

Get Paid To Draw Review: How To Make Money From Photos

Get Paid To Draw review

Get Paid To Draw is a very easy and simple way to make money online from home. It is a complete course where you will learn how you can sell your photos online on various sites for money. You can sell almost any type of photo that you have taken from your phone or digital camera for money. It is very easy to make money online now with Get Paid To Draw. Read this Get Paid To Draw review and find out how good this product is and how it can be of any help for you. Get Paid To Draw Review: Overview Get Paid To Draw is basically a course that will teach you as to how you can earn money online by uploading photos and drawings on sites.… Read More

FB Ads Pros Review: Scam or Legit

fb ads pros review

FB Ads Pros is a complete Facebook advertising course for those who want to advertise on Facebook at a cheap price. Whether you are interested in PPC campaigns or CPC campaigns, you will learn a lot of real techniques. FB Ads Pros Review: The Course Overview FB Ads Pros is basically a combination of a few tips, techniques and methods that will help you in advertising on Facebook at a very low cost. You will learn the techniques to pay as low as $0.01 per click on Facebook and that really work. The course consists of 2 modules which contain a couple of case studies and real working techniques. The techniques can be implemented as they are. The best thing about FB Ads Pros is that the advertising techniques can… Read More

Whiz Press Review: Content Curation and Whiz Press

whiz press review

Whiz Press traffic getting blog software is content curation software that will take a top story or a top article from internet and will post it onto your blog with a link back to the original article. This is one best way to make money from your blog. Whiz Press Review: About Whiz Press Whiz Press blog software will let you post somewhat unique posts on your blog. You can add content and title of your choice with the post and then you add a top story in the post with reference. This way you get content published on your blog regularly and it helps in driving traffic. Whiz Press Review: How It Works Whiz Press will search top articles for your blog based on your keywords. You will choose… Read More

Info Cash Review: Legit Or Scam?

info cash review

Info Cash is a money making course that is authored by Chris Carpenter who has already authored a few best money making systems. Info Cash is no different. It is an affiliate marketing course for beginners that has everything that a newbie needs to make money from internet. Is Info Cash really the best course around? How it can help you? How much money you can make from Info Cash? More to come in this Info Cash review. Info Cash Review: Overview of the Course Info Cash is all about affiliate marketing. When you will join Info Cash, you will have to go through 7 steps. Once you will cover that 7 step training session, you will be all set to make money EVEN if you knew nothing about affiliate… Read More

Print Your Lifestyle Review: How It Can Help You

print your lifestyle review

Print Your Lifestyle is a very easy-to-use money making course. Mark Ashbeck is the author of the course who is an expert internet marketer. Print Your Lifestyle Review: Course Overview Print Your Lifestyle is all about making money from your own site – I mean affiliate site. Here is a condensed overview of the course: Choosing the niche Creating your site Choosing affiliate products Using special traffic formula to generate traffic Earn affiliate commission The best thing about Print Your Lifestyle is the traffic generation formula that author claims to be unique. Now I cannot share the formula with you but the traffic generation method is good. It is not something that you can call a totally different traffic generation method but it is something that works. Print Your Lifestyle… Read More